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School Library Media Specialist: Mia Morgan

Library Links:

Clarke Library Birthday Club – Amazon.com

Destiny Quest Library Catalog Log-In

Library Classroom Times:

Jalbert  9:00-9:30
Legere  8:50-9:20
Carli  1:35-2:05
Kielty 11:00-11:30
Wood  9:40-10:10
Morgan  10:30-11:00
Sudbey  10:20-10:50
Bruhm  11:00-11:30
Wheeler 1-1:30
McFarlane  1:35-2:05

Destiny Quest:

Destiny Quest is a student friendly search interface provided with our Destiny Library Manger program. Within Destiny Quest, students can see the top 10 books and new arrival titles highlighted on the Destiny Quest homepage, search the library collection, browse the scrolling carousel of bookshelves, view book covers and link to title details, see what book they have checked out and when it is due, and much, much more!  Once you receive your child’s unique barcode, you can create an account and log on to view the collection.

Destiny Quest Library Catalog Log-In 

Birthday Wish Book Club: 

Not sure what to do to celebrate your child’s birthday at Clarke? Why not choose a book from the Clarke Library Wish List and donate it in your child’s name? The library is always in need of new books and this is a great way to help contribute to build our collection. When a student donates a book to the library through this program a ‘Book Template’ will be put in the book indicating who donated the book. The donors name, birth date and name of the book will go up on the Birthday Wall in the library, displaying this years donations. The link is below and will be housed on our Clarke PTA website in the future.

Donation Form