Chris Norkun
School Address: 100 Middlesex Ave,

Swampscott MA 01907

Clarke Instagram clarke_sharks
Administrative Assistant: Jenna Moar
Telephone 781-596-8812
School Fax  781-581-5556

Welcome to the Clarke Elementary School Principal’s Page

At the Clarke Elementary School, we’ve established a positive and nurturing environment and are committed to providing our students with differentiated learning opportunities in order to develop each student’s individual potential to be a lifelong learner.  We’ve created a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and values that will enable each student to become a well-educated, civic minded, global citizen. We embrace the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, perseverance and excellence and encourage each student to succeed at his or her highest level.  The success of our mission is based upon our strong home/school connection that will set the stage for a child who will grow up with a love for learning.