After School Program – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the After School Program (ASP)?

The ASP is run by teachers, parents and community members. These classes offer our students additional enrichment opportunities and the proceeds directly fund PTO initiatives. Offerings may include: arts, crafts, chess, computer and Lego clubs and physical fitness activities.

What are the hours for the afterschool program?

7:30am-8:10am or 2:15pm-3:30pm.

How many classes are the sessions?

There are 6-8 classes per session.

How do I sign up my student? 

Please visit the Clarke Online Store to register your student and pay for any ASPs. Courses will be announced prior to the sessions, along with the registration date and deadline. Make sure you have your Paypal credentials ready!

How do I request a scholarship? 

You may select Scholarship Request in the online store. If approved, a student is eligible to receive one scholarship per session. If the student has registered for more than one ASP, the scholarship will be applied to the more expensive program.

How so I know that my student got into the class?

The online store will send you a receipt confirming your order.

What do I do if I missed the registration deadline, but want to know if there is space in a course for my student?

Please email the ASP coordinator at

How do I request a refund?

Please email the ASP Coordinator at and state the name of the student, course and the reason for the refund.

Where do I pick up my student(s)?

  • Extended day students are returned to their assigned extended day room.
  • Students who are assigned to a classroom in the main building will be escorted to door #5 (by the all purpose room)
  • If the ASP takes place in the PORTABLE the instructor will meet you at the end of the ramp on the Norfolk side of the school

What happens if school is cancelled?

If there is no school, the ASP will not run.

What happens on an early release day?

If the course is scheduled before school, it will run. Any programs that are scheduled for the afternoon will not run on an early release day.

Are there make-up classes?

There are no makeups for individual students, but a makeup course could be offered due to weather cancellation, based on instructor availability.

Does the ASP accept donations of Lego, art and other supplies for the program?

Yes! Please email the ASP Coordinator at to discuss any donations.

How to submit a proposal to teach in the ASP?

Please email the ASP Coordinator at and describe the course, number of students that can be accommodated and specify the grades to which it is open. The course will be reviewed and if approved, the instructor will need to have a CORI check and get fingerprinted.