Video Updates from Clarke Elementary School

Spring 2021 at Clarke School (4/5/21)

Clarke staff and students explain what to expect as we return to full-day on 4/5/21 (includes lunch and recess routines, specials, expectations for sick days, and other covid procedures).

In-Person Tips & Reminders (10/26/20)

This video provides an overview of our morning arrival and dismissal routines. (Updates as of 4/5/21: kindergarten lines up out front for arrival and gr. 2 behind them near door 4. All students will be in classrooms, the cafeteria is now used for indoor recess).

Welcome to Clarke School 2020 (10/26/21)

This video shows some of the social distancing and cleaning procedures put in place to keep students & staff safe for the 2020-2021 school year. (As of 4/5/21, students return to full-day with 3 foot distancing. The “Spring 2021 at Clarke School” video reflects those updates.)