fire truck

Safety Drill Practice

On September 10th, our school had a successful fire drill. All students and staff were out of the building in under 2 minutes! Once outside teachers quickly counted students and held up signs to indicate if they had everyone or needed assistance. Students are taught if they are in the bathroom, or away from their room, they should go outside immediately and adults will help them find their class. These drills are an opportunity for students to learn the importance of exiting quietly so they can hear directions.

At the Clarke School, we practice several different types of safety drills throughout the year. Later this month, we will have an ALICE evacuation drill so students can practice walking to an off-site designated destination as a quiet group. We will then walk back to school. Information went home in backpacks explaining this procedure and requesting you fill out an unscheduled dismissal contact form. Please return the form via backpack as soon as possible.

Thank you to the Swampscott Firefighters for assisting us with today’s drill!

Practice Drill